Grab your tissues and see how kindness can break down barriers between communities

by Leah Rosenberg

Would you be willing to donate a kidney to a complete stranger? A Hassidic man was willing to wholeheartedly. Because that is just what Jews do for each other.

All Jews are Family

In the Talmud, there is a phrase “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh lazeh.” That means that all of Israel are responsible for one another. Yosef Leib Bornstein, a 42 year old man, does not take that lightly. When 68 year old father David Salomon needed a kidney, it seemed unlikely. His blood type is O+, which means he is a universal donor, but he can only receive from another O+ person. Salomon was hoping to go to his daughter’s wedding in good health.

And then God sent Yosef Leib Bornstein who felt it was “no big deal” to give his own kidney to a man he had never met.

Save One Life, Save a Whole World

Yosef Leib Bornstein grew up in London as part of a sect of Hassidim known as Ger. He mentioned an idea taught in the Talmud: “All our lives, we learned that if you save someone’s life, it’s like you saved the whole world.” Bornstein really felt that it was his duty to help, and he truly wanted to.

Unparalleled Act of Kindness

2 people who would have had no other connection were brought together by an unparalleled act of kindness. After Salomon thanked him profusely, Bornstein responded, “It was the right thing to do.” Emotions filled the room as they discussed this unbelievable deed. Bornstein said, “We need to help each other.” Salamon answered, “You’re part of my family now.”

David Salomon’s prayers were answered. God granted him the opportunity to dance with his daughter at her wedding in good health.

No matter what the context is, when Jews come together despite their differences, it’s beautiful.

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