The world said Never Again, but they are letting it happen

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the meaning of Never Again? The Nazis of 1939 might have been defeated, but radical Muslims are one and the same. Do you see the clear similarities?

Never Again

The world promised Never Again. They promised there would not be another mass slaughtering of a nation; that there would not be another Holocaust.

But what is happening today? Radical Islam is preaching the same things as Hitler and the Nazis did in Germany. The words are the same. The slogans are the same. And the antisemitic propaganda is the same. Radical Muslims today praise Hitler. They hold him as a hero. And sadly, they are not the only ones who preach such hateful beliefs. Sadly, those in the Western world are also spreading antisemitism. It is difficult to believe, but you do not have to look far and wide to see it. It is in the newspaper, all over the media, and really, all over the world.

Antisemitism Today

The tragic truth is that antisemitism is still so, so present today. Just take a look at The New York Times – one of the most popular newspapers. It is shameful and disgraceful. The antisemitism in that newspaper alone is horrific. It is hard to read. Article after article. And antisemitic cartoons as well. They are doing what Nazi Germany did: Portraying the Jewish people in cartoons in a negative way. Using propaganda to sway people into believing false things about the Jews.

How can 2019 have so many similarities to 1939? Why is Never Again, a promise of the world, happening again? It is frightening, to say the least.

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