Horrific antisemitism in Poland caught on camera

by Leah Rosenberg

Antisemitism is on the rise, all over the Globe. It has been seen in places we would not think possible. In Poland, where the horrors of the Holocaust took place an antisemitic attack is caught on camera.


Poland is a country located in central Europe. Its population is around 38.5 million people and is growing. Poland fully regained its independence in 1918, after World War One. World War Two was started with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, in September 1939. More than 6 million Polish citizens, including over 90% of Jewish Population perished in the Holocaust. After World War Two Poland set itself up as the People’s Republic of Poland and re-established itself as a democracy.

During World War Two Poland housed six concentration camps, including Treblinka and Auschwitz. Jews from across Europe were transported by Nazi Germany to these camps, where they were murdered. Poles represent the largest number of people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. To date, 6,620 Poles have been awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations by the State of Israel–more than any other nation. Some estimates put the number of Poles involved in rescue efforts at up to 3 million, and credit Poles with sheltering up to 450,000 Jews.


Antisemitism is hostility, prejudice or discrimination against the Jewish People, this is considered a form of racism. It is manifested in different ways, organized pogroms or military attacks on the Jewish Community. The phrase antisemitism did not come about till the 19th Century, it is now used to describe events that occurred in history.

In 2016 there was a study done by the University of Warsaw, Poland, that surveyed 37% of Poles expressed a negative attitude towards the Jews. This is up from 32% it was in 2015. 56% said they would not want a Jew in their family and 32% said they would not want a Jewish neighbor.

In 2019 antisemitism is alive and well in Poland. The video of Poles dragging a Jewish doll, through the streets of Poland and then setting him on fire proves that. It is not just in Poland, antisemitism is alive in many other places, France, England and even in the United States

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