Brigitte Gabriel says what the world is afraid to admit about the Sri Lanka Easter bombings

by Leah Rosenberg

Brigitte Gabriel, a world renowned author. Gabriel is known for her speeches on anti-Islam. Now she speaks out after the Sri Lanka bombings that took place on 21st April 2019. ISIS, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for.

Brigitte Gabriel

Gabriel born in 1964 a Lebanese-American conservative author. She is also an anti-Islam activist and founder of ACT for America. Founded in 2007 it is a group who are dedicated to combating, what they describe as the threat of radical Islam. ACT stands for American Congress for Truth.

Brigitte was born in Lebanon, her parents both Maronite Christians. During the Lebanon Civil War, Islamic militants launched an assault on a military base. Destroying her home nearby, this sent Gabriel and her family into hiding. They were eventually rescued by Christian militants. Eventually, Brigitte and her family were saved. When the Israeli Army invaded Lebanon in Operation Litani, 1978.

Gabriel stated in 2009 that “Islam promotes intolerance and violence” and that “Moderate Muslims must organize and engage those enlightened, educated and westernized Muslims in the community to begin a dialogue to discuss the possibility of reform in Islam

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country located in South Asia. Sri Lanka is rich in history and cultural heritage. It gained political independence from the British Colonies in 1948. It adopted its current name in 1972 before it was called Ceylon. As of 2018, Sri Lanka had an estimated population of over 20 million people.

Sri Lanka is a multi-religious country. Buddhism, however, composes around 70% of the population. Buddhism has been around since the 2nd Century BCE in the country. Other religions consist of Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.

21st April 2019

Easter Sunday 2019, a day Sri Lanka will never forget. Three Churches and three main hotels were targeted and bombed that day. Over 250 people were killed and many many more injured. These people were from places across the globe. These suicide bombings have left Sri Lanka devastated.

April 23rd, Amaq News Agency, a propaganda outlet for ISIS, said “the perpetrators of the attack targeting the citizens of coalition countries and Christians in Sri Lanka were Islamic State fighters″.  

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