Israeli Ambassador destroys UN Security Council with the facts

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon gave a strong speech to the UN Security Council. He hits them with the hard facts. But will they accept the truth?

UN Security Council and the Facts

The UN Security Council seems to have trouble understanding the facts. The UN as a whole blames Israel for everything. They blame Israel for the suffering of the Palestinian Arabs. They blame Israel for the lack of peace. But Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon lays the facts on the ground. He gives the history. He shows the truth. And you really cannot argue with what he says when it is factual. You cannot just change history.

The UN Bias

How many more speeches have to be given at the UN before the UN finally changes its ways? Danon said, “Mr. President, it weakens the mandate of this body, which is tasked with making our world more peaceful and secure, to continue blaming the side that offers solutions and reward the side that rejects them. It is dangerous to praise the side that encourages hatred and bankrolls terrorism.”

Why does the United Nations keep ignoring the truth? The double standard is too much. The bias is absurd. As the Israeli ambassador says toward the end of his speech: “Enough is enough!”

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