The world needs to see what was about to happen thanks to the Obama administration

by Phil Schneider

A nuclear Iran threatens the entire Middle East, and potentially Europe, and maybe even the United States. Everybody knows that this is the case. The question is how to deal with this mess that we find ourselves in. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has led the entire free world into realizing that anything but appeasement must be the world policy. Otherwise, nuclear blackmail against Israel and other countries in the Middle East will be the norm.

Obama the Appeaser

The precedent that comes to mind first when thinking about the Obama policy versus Iran is the appeasement policy of Neville Chamberlain. There is no question that the German nation posed a greater world threat than does Iran today. However, the nuclear threat of Iran could wipe out entire cities if not more. So, the stakes are so much greater today than they used to be, even if Iran poses no threat to takeover the world.

President Trump has analyzed the Obama agreement with Iran, and found nothing that he thought made any sense in it. Of course, the main issue was that it allowed the Iranians to do their OWN oversight. It’s hard to imagine the Iranians not cracking up at the fact that Obama was willing to agree to such a plan. That is what led to the famous introductory scene in The Dictator.

One of the things that is often overlooked is that Joe Biden, who has built up a reputation of being somewhat of a moderate within the Democratic Party, was part of the strategy team who developed the agreement with Iran. Today, there are nearly no Democrats who seem to criticize Obama’s plan. That is a very scary thought. That is why the Democratic party may very well lose many presidential elections in the coming years.

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