It’s impossible not to believe in God after watching this!

by Chaya Cikk

Israel achieved the impossible thanks to God. With our busy lives, we may not see the day to day miracles. But these miracles are just so big you can not miss them.

The Impossible

The Six-Day War

The Six-Day War, where Israel achieved the impossible. Israel’s neighbors were against the idea of a Jewish state and vowed to see it destroyed. They might have succeeded if were not for God, being on the side of the Jewish People.

No one thought Israel would survive the first few years as a young state. In the year 1967 when it looked like the World was turning its back against Israel. The surrounding countries slowly started to prepare for war. Egypt even publicized that tanks were on their way to Jerusalem. When in fact, the Israeli Air Force had managed to destroy most of the Egyptian Air Force. This is just one of the many miracles that took place during these six days.

Additionally, there was the miracle of the Israel Defence Forces regaining control of Temple Mount, as referred to by many as Har Habayit. Israel achieved the impossible, for thousands of years the Jewish People have wanted to reach Temple Mount and now they finally could. I mean, this is divine providence, it is so clear.

Furthermore, to be alive in this generation and to see the miracles that take place is amazing. It is a miracle that Israel has survived for so long, this is clearly the strong belief in God and Him being there for His people.

Finally, these miracles are clear, you can see them like you can see the sky is blue or the fingers on your hands. There are also many miracles that are not as clear cut. But we should still thank God every day for all of these miracles.

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