Ilhan Omar MUST be removed from Congress after this proof!

by Avi Abelow

Ilhan Omar is a fraud. Anyone who denies that is just trying to help the Jew-hating and lying congresswoman. There is hardcore proof for what she has done!

Ilhan Can’t Hide it Anymore

One can only try to hide things for so long. Ilhan Omar has committed fraud. The congresswoman married her brother, while she was married to someone else, as part of a scheme to bring him to America. She has committed crimes. She has broken the law. Does that not make people concerned? Every American should be screaming out! But somehow, people still support her. But maybe after seeing this hardcore evidence, will they begin to question who Omar really is and what she stands for?

Congress must investigate. How can they allow someone in the government who is so questionable? Everything that Congresswoman Omar does and says is questionable!

It’s Truly Disturbing

Bigamy, marriage fraud, and tax fraud – none of those sound like positive crimes to commit. And that is because they aren’t. But those are the exact things Ilhan Omar has done. It is honestly disturbing. There is so much talk about immigration in the United States. Why is no one talking about the immigration FRAUD that Omar committed?

You now have the background information about this congresswoman. Not only is she a complete antisemite, but she is so, so much worse than that as well. Ilhan can no longer hide the truth. Everyone has been exposed. The question is, what will Congress and Americans do with this information?

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