The World is Trying to Erase Anne Frank – but her wisdom will stop them

by Leah Rosenberg

Much of the world has heard of Anne Frank. But much of the world is also trying to erase her memory and the memory of the Holocaust.

The World of Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s world was crushed when the Holocaust broke out. Born in 1929, she was young when the war started. In 1942, she and her family went into hiding with along others. They hid for 2 years in a small space before they were discovered by the Nazis. She tragically perished in the Bergen-Belson concentration camp. Her sister Margot Frank and mother Edith Frank-Holländer were killed as well. Anne’s father, Otto, was the only family member to survive the war.

The Anne Frank house in Amsterdam is now a spot for people to come see how Anne Frank lived for 761 days.

Anne’s Words

Anne Frank is known well because of her diary that she kept. She wrote beautifully. This video captures some of the most inspirational quotes of Frank. It is heartbreaking that such a young girl with so much wisdom and so much to give to the world was killed by the Nazis. How dare they destroy such beauty?

And now the world today is trying to wipe away the memory of the Holocaust. The world is trying to say that this young, special girl doesn’t deserve to be remembered – they are saying that the whole story is a hoax. The Nazis themselves recorded the grim and horrifying details! How dare people say that 6 million Jews weren’t slaughtered! Innocent men, women, and children. Babies torn from their mother’s arms.

May the memory of the Holocaust never be erased. And may we all do our part to ensure that Never Again means Never again.


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