Facebook Censors Popular Jewish Website for Calling out Antisemitic Content

by Phil Schneider

Should anti-semitic content be censored from the internet? Probably. Hate speech is dangerous – very dangerous. But disallowing free speech is a tricky thing. It is a slippery slope. So where should the red lines be drawn? It is indeed not a simple task. But what about websites that call out anti-semitic content? Should they also be disallowed from the internet? The answer is a resounding no. If calling out hate is also something that should be removed from the internet, then we have a SERIOUS problem of free speech.

Our freedom of speech is under attack by the very companies that were founded on the basis of providing a voice to all of humanity. We will no longer be able to “like” or comment on everything via social media. We will be able to “like” or comment only on things that are considered politically correct enough for the censors of Social Media companies.

We need a return to normalcy where free speech is applauded and not downgraded to a lower pedestal than political correctness. If we are not able to speak our minds openly, and then be criticized by the masses or praised by the masses for our opinions, then we are on the slippery path towards totalitarianism. Party lines should not dictate what can and cannot be said. We should all agree that we will fight for the privilege of our opponents to express their opinions. The only red line should be outright calls to violence. Less than that should be allowed. Where are the exact lines between outright calls to violence and calls for a peaceful protest? Let a governmental task force of wise people figure that out and provide the hi-tech companies with the criterion to stick to. If Facebook, Google, and other major players are regulated in such a fashion, it will actually enhance their businesses as they will become known for openness and not for censorship. More importantly, our freedom of speech will be protected. This is not a right wing or left wing issue. It is a freedom of speech issue we should all be able to agree upon.


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