The Undeniable Proof that the Jewish People are not Going Anywhere

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people have not had an easy history. Yet, many other great nations have disappeared, and the Jews have remained strong.

What is the Secret of the Jewish People?

The Jewish people are eternal. G-d promised that, and He has proven it. He has kept His promise century after century. That is the secret: G-d. Without G-d, the Jews would have disappeared centuries ago. Despite the constant antisemitism and persecution throughout the years, the Jews have never disappeared. This video is a reminder of those times that seemed like all hope was lost, but how in the end, the Jews won. The Jews did not give up or give in. They did not as a nation throw in the towel and let the enemy be victorious.

The Jewish people are stubborn. G-d Himself calls His nation stubborn. But every character trait has a positive and negative side to it. There are times when stubbornness is a good thing – it helps people succeed and not give up. The Jews need their stubbornness. How else would they have rebuilt a state in their ancient homeland just a few years after the Holocaust?

We must always remember that G-d is watching over the people of Israel and ensuring their continue survival. We must have faith. Everything happens for a reason and is part of G-d’s master plan, even if we cannot see it right now.

Let’s hold on to the light of Hanukkah all year round – it can make all the difference.

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