The Terrifying Facts about the New Twitter CEO

by Phil Schneider

This video exposes one of the most powerful people in the world – the next CEO of Twitter. Just think how much power Donald Trump had via his tens of millions of followers on Twitter. Well, Twitter showed us who really has the power when they pulled the plug on the President of the United States. Actually, in today’s unique situation, the heads of Facebook, Twitter, and Google wield so much power over the minds of the masses, that they actually have the ability to dictate narratives and make sure that they are properly promoted.

The backlash will come – in a big way. But it will not happen quickly. First, there will be a slew of competitors to Twitter and Facebook, as the demand for an alternative grows every day. Then, one or two will emerge as the main competitor. And then, just as Fox News became more dominant than CNN, the competitor will gradually become more powerful than Facebook and Twitter. That does not mean that there will be more videos or more variety on the competitor. But the competitor will be the comfort zone of more people, and will therefore become the home for more and more people to feel comfortable finding the information they care about most.

Today, Twitter and Facebook don’t really have any competitors. That will change as too many people will rebel against the attempt to cancel the ideas that they hold dear – especially the 1st Amendment. The cancel culture must be fought until there is a viable alternative for those with “different” ideas to express them and be heard.

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