The UN Report on Gaza ‘March of Return’ For Dummies

by Leah Rosenberg

Sometimes, satirical humor gets the point across. And maybe for this latest UN report on Gaza, people will get the point. The UN has gone completely insane!

The UN Report on Gaza

Every time things heat up between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, the United Nations seems to be “on it.” Except, they only single out Israel. For war crimes. Which Israel never committed. Apparently, when a country defends itself from terrorists, the UN believes that is a war crime. But terrorists infiltrating a border with the intent of murdering as many people as possible? The United Nations completely ignores that.

This latest report consisted of lie after lie – just like the rest of them. The protests were far from peaceful. The Palestinian Arab terrorists tried to infiltrate the border with knives. They sent over fire kites and balloons filled with explosives. The Israeli army only shot back when they had to, and yes people were killed. But the Hamas terrorists admit that they were almost all terrorists!

Human Shields

Civilians should not be in the line of fire. But Hamas deliberately places people in harms way so that either the Israelis won’t shoot or so that innocent people will die and the media will blame Israel. Israel just cannot seem to win in the public’s eyes. Because no matter what, the UN acts as if they don’t know anything about the evil that Israel is fighting against. The UN claims Israel is the evil entity, not the Hamas operatives. And at this point, it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. The terrorists admit that they are not peaceful. They openly state their goals. They want Israel and the Jewish people destroyed. Why does the United Nations claim to “know nothing” about it? When will the world wake up to the truth?

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