Muslim gets Christian street preacher arrested

by Phil Schneider

This story is troubling. Is it really true that elderly Christian street preachers are a threat to others. Or is the idea of Islamophobia being taken to the extreme in some countries? Unfortunately, it seems clear that the latter is the issue.

One man who preaches – even loudly – and who bothers one other man, should be dealt with. But arrested – and then de-arrested? That seems rather odd – to say the least. We need to take a step back and try to understand the absurdities that are taking over the world we live in. How dangerous is this elderly preacher?

No-Go Zones

The most dangerous risk to the public today is the idea of a no-go zone. The idea that a certain area can be outside the jurisdiction of the law. If the police cannot enforce the law in a certain area, we are creating hotbeds of extremism that will blow up in our faces. It is just a question of time.

What is needed is not more protection from free speech. We need more freedom of speech. We need more daylight to expose the hatred and dangerous opinions of religions that threaten our way of life.

Yes – a preacher can be someone we disagree with. He can even be annoying. But he should not be treated as a person who disrupts the peace because of one complaint. An entire area that does not allow “outsiders” in disrupts the peace for thousands who live near the vicinity of the no-go zone. That is where the police ought to put their efforts into.

We need to boost law enforcement that will allow for more freedom of speech. Not less freedom of speech.

Arab Incitement
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