German contestants going to Eurovision Israel wrap themselves in Israeli flag

by Leah Rosenberg

People have been trying to protest Eurovision Israel. But what these Germany contestants did totally fights against those Israel boycotters!

Eurovision Israel

This May 2019, the Eurovision song contest will be taking place in Israel. After Netta Barzilai won Eurovision 2018, Israel was the chosen location of the competition for 2019. That seems great, except of course there are those Israel-haters trying to boycott this. They are turning the competition into something political, and that is not what it is supposed to be about. People from all across the world come and show their talent, and Israel boycotters need to take a step back. If they really cared about peace, they would realize this competition only encourages peace. The boycotters are the ones making peace impossible.

German Contestants and Israeli Flag

Germany’s contestants known as “Sisters” were the ones who were picked to go to Eurovision Israel. And they celebrated with the Israeli flag! It was thrown on stage to them, and they were so excited that they wrapped themselves in it. Some would have refused to hold it, stepped on it, and disrespected it. But these girls did not. And that made a big statement. They are so innocent and are just happy to be going to Israel. That is what the competition should really be about! The excitement of singing and showing talent. It is encouraging to see people like this who are not boycotting Israel and have no interest in doing so.

They are in for a big treat when they come to the Jewish state! Especially coming in with so much excitement.


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