The ultimate “something” that Hasidic women can teach the world

by Leah Rosenberg

Hasidic women are diverse, and they are not necessarily what the world makes them out to be. Here is an inside look at the life of one woman.

What Hasidic Women Can Teach the World

So, what can Hasidic women teach the world? A lot more than you think. This is a fascinating video.

In the world today, some women are trying to be more like men. They think they have to prove themselves and do something different than what G-d created them to do. Malky, the woman in this video said, “I think it’s okay for women to be women…there’s nothing more than ‘just women.’ Women are amazing, and they’re so powerful and great at what they do.” 

Women do not need to prove anything. G-d created men to do their task in the world, and He created women to do their task. Men are not better than women, and women are not better than men. They were created differently, and that is how G-d intended it to be. Men and women each have their own natural abilities that make them unique. 

It is important to note that Malky mentions that people think that women in the Hasidic community are looked down upon and oppressed. But she is saying that is completely false. She says, “If there’s one thing that the world can learn from the Hasidic women, it’s their comfort in their skin just being women and doing their G-d given role.” 

Another important aspect that is discussed amongst two of the Hassidic women in the video is the quality of life when connected to a Higher purpose. Being connected to religion is something unbelievable. 

Malky said something that is the ultimate takeaway message: “Before you make an assumption about a community, go into the community.”

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