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The Ultimate Message to the Nazis & Jew-Haters Today


All the Jew-haters in the world will never destroy the Jewish nation!

My parents, survivors of the Holocaust are indefatigable in their strength, their faith, and their determination. I could say that after the war, they picked up the pieces, but there were no pieces left to pick up. So they rebuilt their family anew and forged the Lifshitz line which I am proudly a part of.

My father, 92 years young, leading the family in lighting the Chanukia, this past Chanukah.

To all the Jew-hating people out there, we, the Jewish people, stand proud, strong, and bright-eyed with the future ahead of us, while all of you will end up in the dustbins of history just like all the rest. You can’t beat what we have!

And shortly after, my mom, the grand Bubby and Matriarch of our family, at her 90th birthday party this past January. (She’s sporting a birthday present, a new designer bag) and my dad hanging with a few of his grandsons.

Mom and Dad, 90 and 92 respectively עד מאה ועשרים

3 children

14 grandchildren

19 great grandchildren and still counting

3 IDF soldiers and still counting

3 girls serving in national service and still counting