Are Natural Disasters that Hit the USA After They Turn their Back On Israel a Coincidence?

by Phil Schneider

There is no question that some things that happen are a coincidence. But are some of these coincidences divinely inspired?

Are “natural disasters” divinely inspired? Can we make any judgments based on what seems like an unbelievable string of coincidences? Hurricanes, market crashes, and attacks on US soil have all occurred at exactly the same time as Israel was being pressured to give up land and security. Not once, not twice, but more than a dozen times. Definitely eye-opening! These are far too many to blame on “coincidences.”

The Hand Above

As long as the world has existed, the debate has existed as to whether or not God exists. Most people will argue that the argument that says that God does not exist has nearly nothing to stand on. But of course, we all have our own free will to decide as we see fit.

This video – produced during the Obama administration – is a timeless eyebrow raiser. The “spooky” music in the background creates the right atmosphere, but weakens the arguments of this video. It is a very riveting thought that God’s involvement in the “apple of His eye” is such that he delivers retribution against those who dabble with His Chosen People.

This is of course not a politically correct concept. But, the facts of this video are certainly enough to make a cynic raise an eyebrow and think twice before applying pressure on the State of Israel.

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