The ultimate hijacking that took place at the United Nations

by Leah Rosenberg

The problem with the United Nations does not even only lie in its double standard against Israel. It is a much larger issue.

Dictators Have Taken Over the United Nations

The United Nations was once a place that helped an ancient people return to its ancient homeland. They helped Israel create its modern state in the 1947 vote.

If you looked at the UN today, you would never know that it is the same organization that once voted FOR Israel. Now, the UN has been hijacked by the world’s worst dictatorships. The world’s worse human rights abusers have put the international world in danger. Not only are they trying to murder Israel, but the United Nations is made up of countries that torture their own people.

If the body that was created to ensure the safety of the international world is now being taken over by the very countries they were supposed to protect the world from, what is the point of it?

UN Watch is Saving the World

UN Watch works hard to save the world from the dictators of the UN. It gives dissidents a voice. It gives those who have been silenced by their countries a voice to speak up and share the truth. Without UN Watch, many more people would suffer.

It is truly a shame that there even needs to be an organization like UN Watch to stop the UN from all its immoral decisions. The hypocrisy and double standard that takes place in that agency is despicable. Their main focus is targeting Israel, but as the few of many examples in this video showed, the United Nations also discriminates against other peaceful people. Democracy and human rights must prevail. If the UN continues to allow itself to be a place where tyranny and abuse is the norm, the future of the international world is in grave danger.

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