Another election is looming as Israeli coalition on brink of collapse

by Leah Rosenberg

Is the Israeli coalition going to fall apart? Is Israel headed toward a 4th election within such a short amount of time? Benny Gantz has everything to lose if there is another election now. As for Benjamin Netanyahu, he is in more of a bind. The government is struggling to deal with the pandemic due to the gridlock between the two leaders. But Benjamin Netanyahu has two strong rivals on the right side of the aisle that seem like they will siphon away a lot of Netanyahu’s power. So, there are major reasons to assume that Netanyahu may find a way to maintain the non-functioning government for another little while till things calm down a bit.

Israeli Coalition Falling Apart

Here is a great analysis of what is happening with the Israeli coalition and a potential 4th elections in less than 2 years. People can try to predict, but no one knows for sure what the outcome of another election would be. Benny Gantz may think that going into another election would at least solidify his reputation with some of his supporters. But basically all polls indicate that he will become a minor player after the elections due to a massive shift of his voters.

One important point that is brought up concerning the issue is the fact that at this critical time when so much of the Israeli public is suffering from the financial crunch and the fear of the pandemic, could there be a worse time for elections? The idea of a few months spent focusing on electioneering while Israel deals with the distribution and application of the vaccines to it’s public seems rather absurd. But Israel has been in this situation before. The Yom Kippur War was fought with an impending election planned soon after the War. So, this is not the first time that things like this have happened. It will be an interesting year in Israeli politics.

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