Former secret service agent reveals an utterly shocking stat about the Nevada election

by Phil Schneider

For many years, the results of the 2020 elections will be discussed. The accusations of widespread fraud are now considered mainstream – even among those who believe Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President. But due to the bulk of the media channels working to knock Trump out of office, most of the media is avoiding the hot potato issue. The media’s mass non-focus on this subject will also be a subject for discussion in the future. But for now, Dan Bongino is one of just a few people focusing on some of the fishy statistics of the 2020 election.

There is nothing new about people claiming that there was a conspiracy in an election that they lost. The issue here is that so much of the fishy statistics occurred in battleground states. It remains to be seen whether or not the cases will make it to the Supreme Court, where Donald Trump has a chance of some of the election results being reversed or deemed unconstitutional.

But there is one thing that seems rather clear to nearly everybody. Major electoral reform is needed. The best method for insuring the proper election results are an extensive camera network that is set up in every single voting district in the United States. In addition, every single voting machine should be thrown out. Machines can be rigged, messed with, or pre-programmed. It is not a primitive decision to go back to paper. In a country with such a variety of States like the United States of America, it is exactly what is needed. Trump may have indeed won – no matter who assume office on Jan. 21st.


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