The UAE gave the greatest response to every BDS activist

by Leah Rosenberg

Every BDS activist should see this. People who have no idea what Israel stands for try to boycott it. And look at the UAE!

UAE Proves Every BDS Activist Wrong

What the UAE is doing makes every BDS activist cringe. Selling Israeli fruits and vegetables? In an ARAB country? It can’t be. That completely destroys their claims and their agenda! That proves the BDS movement so, so wrong. How will they be able to explain this?

But that is exactly what is happening. The UAE is embracing the newest peace deal with Israel. They are embracing the benefits of peace and what Israel has to offer. Seeing the UAE sell fruits from Israel and proudly promote the new peace deal is a beautiful site.

When a BDS activist wants to boycott Israel, they claim they are standing up for human rights. They claim Israel mistreats Arabs. Aside from that being so far from the truth, many Arabs are not even boycotting Israel.

If more people could just see the truth, the BDS movement would be completely dismantled.

It’s More than just Fruits

For those who are unaware of history and current events, they might not realize what it really means that the UAE is proudly and publicly selling fruits grown in Israel. They might not realize the implications.

But selling these Israeli products makes a huge statement to Emiratis and to the world at large.

We are witnessing historic changes throughout the Middle East. We are living through times that will be remembered in history for years to come.

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