Ted Cruz obliterated Twitter CEO for his utter hypocrisy

by Leah Rosenberg

Ted Cruz was on the ball here. He knew exactly what to say and backed up everything with the facts. Jack Dorsey had no response.

Ted Cruz Silenced Dorsey

Well, when you are met with the truth staring you straight in the face, what can you say? Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tried to respond to Ted Cruz, but he just could not seem to get it right. Because when the facts come back to bite you and prove your hypocrisy, what can you do?

And that is exactly what happened here.

Who is calling out Big Tech? The Democrats do not seem to be doing it. They like the bias that media platforms like Twitter have. Because it is in FAVOR of their positions and views. Never mind that what Google, Twitter, and Facebook do is against freedom of speech. Never mind the censorship. Democrats don’t seem to care because it helps their narrative.

What Happened to Defending Free Speech?

As Cruz pointed out, Democrats used to be defenders of free speech. They used to defend the Constitution.

What has happened? Even those who support Biden and consider themselves Democrats, does it not scare them that free speech is being taken away? That censorship is the new norm? And that online platforms like Google and Twitter are using their power for the evil and for brainwashing people? If that doesn’t scare people, what does?

This is not about politics. This is about the legal system. This is about freedom. And this is about maintaining order in the United States of America.

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