Man suspended on Twitter for defending free speech

by Leah Rosenberg

Since when did defending free speech become a crime? Apparently it is offensive. There are people in America who are trying to abolish the Constitution.

Defending Free Speech

It used to be that defending free speech was something heroic. It used to be that it did not matter whether you were Left, Right, or somewhere in between, you defended the Constitution and the principles of the founding fathers.

How times have changed. And the example in this video is all too common. Conservatives have been banned from many social media platforms.

People should be allowed to express their opinions – assuming those opinions are not calling for some type of violence and the like.

What about Iran and Others?

Why do Conservatives get suspended from social media platforms, but Iran’s terrorist regime and the other pages calling to murder Jews are left untouched? Why does it take so much effort to force Twitter to focus its attention on those that call for genocide, but they have no issue suspending those who just disagree with them politically?

Iran has called for the obliteration of Israel. Many other people, some of who are well known and some not, have called to murder Jews.

And here Twitter is suspending a man who has done nothing extreme like that. They should really use their time to stop real violence and hate instead of just trying to stop people they disagree with.

Censorship has become out of control. Free speech must be defended. The Constitution must be defended!

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