Black man proves that BLM is a lie with his untold story

by Phil Schneider

The Black Lives Matter movement is a movement that has chosen to make cops the enemy, and to accuse law enforcement of racism against black people. Many claim that law and order is not the enemy, but that racism is. A small part of the claims are true. Of course, racism is not gone and continues to exist all over the world, including the United States. But, if indeed, one believes that the core problem with justice in the USA is that the systems of law and order are filled with racism, then they are not more than 2% right. They are 98% wrong.

The core of all problems of law and order in the United States is the breakdown of the family unit. This cuts across all races and all levels of economic levels of families. Juvenile delinquency does not grow in direct proportion with the financial difficulty of the family of the juvenile. It grows in proportion with the lack of stability in the family unit. It is worst among the populations that have a terrible family situation. That is often the case with families that have enormous wealth, yet fight over it. The children of these families are often the most destructive of all.

Blaming cops is like blaming a band aid for not being strong or flexible enough. Some band-aids are better than others. But, the band-aid is not the cause of the bruise. Black lives matter as do all lives. The key is to understand that racism is not the root cause of the issues of black people or other people. The family unit needs to be strengthened. If the family unit does not strengthen, then there will be a breakdown that will continue to deepen. The Black Lives Matter movement often claims that we need more social workers to work out problems, not cops. They are right. But, the timing should not be after crimes are done, but in the earlier stages of family issues. An ounce of prevention…

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