Palestinian Arab Supporters Crazy Call to Boycott the United Arab Emirates

by Phil Schneider

Is the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates a good thing? This should seem like a simple enough question. Of course, it’s a good thing. But amazingly, the people who claim to be the supporters of the Arab people in Israel are against the peace agreement with Israel. What possibly could be the reason to be against Israel and another Arab country making peace? There is a clear answer and it should shake the foundations of anybody who thinks that the “Palestinian” Arab cause is truly one that is about peace in the Middle East.

Here’s the hard truth. The leadership and many of those who support a “Palestinian” State do not want peace with Israel at all. They are against the very existence of a State of Israel and only support the idea of a “Palestinian” State as a step towards the destruction of the State of Israel.

The entire idea of a separate entity of Arabs who are “Palestinians” is a fiction that has succeeded in confusing masses of people all over the world. Until the 1970’s, the idea of a separate national entity of Arabs west of the Jordan River was never claimed. There were Arabs of Syrian descent, Arabs of Egyptian descent, Arabs from Saudi Arabia, and Arabs from Lebanon and other areas in the Middle East. But there are probably no more than tens of thousands of Arabs in the State of Israel today who can trace their roots more than 100 years backwards to the area that is today the State of Israel. The rest come from Arabs from other areas who moved in search of upward mobility. They heard that there was more money to be made in what would become the State of Israel.

The big Arab supporters of the so-called “Palestinian” cause are the big supporters of the destruction of the State of Israel. They don’t want peace nor the well-being of Arabs in Israel. But they are excellent marketers. They are a destructive, not a constructive force in the Middle East. Israel has just signed two peace agreements with Arab countries. More are coming, despite the efforts of the so-called supporters of the so-called “Palestinian” Arabs.

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