Trump Rebounds From Covid and Closes in on Victory

by Micha Gefen

Ignore the polling that says Trump is creamed by Biden as he remains hospitalized.

Despite the MSM’s push of the above phoney narrative, Trump is slated to return to the White House later today just as a new poll is released shwing him catching up and even beating Biden nationally.

This is why many on the har left have already hatched an insane theory that Trump orchestrated catching the Coronavirus in orrder to win sympathy from voters.

Of course, these far left activists cannot come to terms the fact that most polls conducted have been weighted to show Democrats always in the lead. This is another form of voter suppression. Yes, it is subtle, but if you think your canidate won’t win, then why vote.

The election is shaping up to be a surprise; whose winner, even the most experienced pollster has no way to figure.

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