Former Israeli fighter pilot set to be second ever Israeli to go to outer space

by Phil Schneider

Space Exploration is one of the most fascinating, yet expensive endeavors of the last few generations. Israel has never been at the forefront. The United States and the former Soviet Union were clearly in competition as to who would be able to put a person in space and land on the moon first. There are many facets to this seemingly endless field. The scientific secrets of outer space offer possibilities on many levels. But there is also an aspect of space exploration that is clearly connected to national security.

Satellites roam around in outer pace in order to explore aspects of the atmosphere, such as global warming. But they also keep a watchful eye over all kinds of things that are deemed national security issues. It is entirely fitting that Israel and the United States join forces on all aspects of hi-tech spying. It is well-known that the #1 enemy of the Taliban was unmanned drones. The idea that they could no longer hide out in the mountains of Afghanistan, in the safety of caves that are unreachable by land, was a formidable obstacle in the search for Bin Laden and his supporters. But the mixture of drones with satellite photos proved too great a foe for the Taliban. Ultimately, Bin Laden was caught.

Space exploration can become a bottomless put of cost. But, a mistake should not be made to assume that it is not a vital necessity. As long as the Russians and/or Chinese governments have a space exploration program, the United States must stay at least one step ahead in order to defend itself. An Israeli joining up on the mission is yet another example of the joint activities of the two Western governments.

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