The Truth of the Gaza Violence and IDF Restraint from an IDF Officer Who is Serving There

by Avi Abelow

Hamas is putting on a public relations show.  They are forcefully pushing Gaza residents towards the border to be killed by the IDF. The Western media is reporting of a trigger-happy IDF killing innocent Gaza Arabs instead of using restraint. This eyewitness testimony tells a completely different story.  A story of unbelievable IDF Restraint.

Thankfully, the Trump administration sees the reality for what it is. This is what US Ambassador Nikki Haley just said in the United Nations this evening. “Make no mistake. Hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday. I ask my colleagues here, in the Security Council: Who among us would accept this type of activity on your border? No one would. No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has.”

Here is the original facebook post written by the IDF reserve officer.

Eyewitness Account

Yesterday there were 55 killed and over 1200 wounded.

I’m writing this post for my good friends.  My moral, humane friends.  And for all those who are concerned and angry over today’s deaths and injuries on the border with Gaza.

Regarding Israel’s exodus from Egypt, when the Egyptian army drowned in the Red Sea just before overtaking the Israelites.  Our sages say that God scolded the angels and prevented them from singing and rejoicing.  God said “my creations are drowning in the sea and you are singing?!”

I write these words with great caution, and from a sense of mission. I can understand and identify with all of those good and moral Zionists.  Those who fear that the many Palestinian victims may be our fault, the result of mistakes made by our side.

I’m writing because I am one of the few who was there – in uniform, in the reserves.  But I was there. Yes, right there on the fence where the demonstrations are happening. It was last Friday – but I saw it with my own eyes.  I was on our side, but I could see and hear and understand everything. I want to testify from my firsthand knowledge, not a theoretical point of view. Because I was there.

I want to testify that what I saw and heard was a tremendous, supreme effort from our side.  We did everything to prevent in every possible way Palestinian deaths and injuries.

Our Mission

Of course, the primary mission was to prevent hundreds of thousands of Gazans from infiltrating into our territory. That kind of invasion would be perilous, mortally dangerous to the nearby communities, would permit terrorists disguised as civilians to enter our kibbutzim and moshavim, and would leave us with no choice but to target every single infiltrator.

That’s why our soldiers were directed to prevent infiltration – in a variety of ways.  We were told to only use live ammunition as an absolute last resort. The IDF employs many creative means of reducing friction with Gazans.  We use numerous methods – most of which are not made public – to prevent them from reaching the fence.

In addition, over the last few weeks there have been serious efforts to save the lives of children and civilians.  The Hamas pushes them to the front lines in order to hide behind them and then infiltrate and attack Israel.

Why Live Ammuntion?

When there is no alternative and live ammunition must be used to stop those who storm the fence – the soldiers make heroic and sometimes dangerous efforts not to kill and only to injure those on the other side.

The IDF is stationing senior commanders at every confrontation point to ensure that every shot is approved and backed up by a responsible figure with proper authority. Every staging area has an especially large number of troops in order to make sure that soldiers are not put into life-threatening situations where they will have no choice but to fire indiscriminately.

A situation where thousands of people rush you is frightening, even terrifying. It is extremely difficult to show restraint, and it requires calm, mature professionalism.

Unbelievable IDF Restraint

55 dead is an enormous number. But I can testify from my first-hand experience, that we carefully report every bullet and every hit. We document and investigate in Excel spreadsheets. Literally. I was there and I saw it with my own eyes.

This isn’t the time or place to discuss the situation in general and the desperate plight of the residents of Gaza. I’m not interested in starting a political discussion here, although I do have a clear position.

What I’m trying to do is present, for everyone who really wants to listen, the extent of the IDF’s enormous effort to protect Israel’s borders while minimizing injuries and loss of life on the other side.

And despite all this – the situation on the border with Gaza is deteriorating. I hope they don’t call us up again soon for reserve duty to protect our country. But if we are, we will go with the knowledge that we are serving a just and morally correct cause. We do not rejoice when we must go to war, but we also don’t go like sheep to the slaughter. Not anymore.

More Truth about what Israel is dealing with that the Mainstream media is not reporting

Here is a Hamas leader inciting the Gaza Arabs

Here is the Israeli Foreign Ministry explaining the situation

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