Our Sympathy for the Sixty Dead Arabs on the Gaza Border is Killing Them

by Avi Abelow

The world has gone mad in blaming Israel for the now 60 dead Arabs killed yesterday at the Gaza border, including the report of an 8 month old baby. What parent brings an 8 month old baby, or any child, to a violent riot aimed at illegally infiltrating a border to entice Israel to kill them, all to create anti-Israel headlines?

The Harsh Reality

Of course we want to have symapthy. That is who we are. That is what we are about. It is our humanity to have sympathy even for our enemies. The sad thing is that in the situation we face today, it is actually our sympathy that is killing them.

This will sound quite harsh, but if we love life then we can’t show public sympathy for these dead Arabs in Gaza.

It is quite sad to internalize, but they actually bring this death upon themselves willingly to generate our sympathy! It is our sympathy that encourages them to push more and more of their friends and family to kill themselves by IDF fire. I call this suicide-by-IDF.

The situation is actually quite simple to understand, even though it is quite repulsive to internalize. To think that people actually think and act this way.

The Western media has not been asking why Gaza parents bring children to a violent protest to infiltrate the Israeli border. Hamas, and these Gaza parents, are murdering their own people & children in order to create anti-Israel headlines and develop sympathy. And the sickening thing is that parents are cooperating!

This is modern child/people sacrifice.

Our instinct is to sympathize with these Gaza families. However, it is our sympathy that fuels their motivation to continue to murder their own, with our guns! They will only stop this suicide-by-IDF when they see that they can no longer develop world sympathy for their self-generated deaths anymore.

This is so sad, because it goes against our humanity. But this is the hard truth.

The only way we can save the lives of future Gaza children from this suicide-by-IDF is to stop having sympathy for the deaths they bring upon their own! Without the sympathy, then there are no headlines. Without the headlines, they have no motivation to continue sending their children to be killed by the IDF.

This is the sad reality. And people must wake up to realize that our feelings are being manipulated by sick people who call themselves “palestinians”.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions. We must stop ourselves from feeling symathetic, because our sympathy leads them to kill more of their own!

It’s simple. Our sympathy leads to more innocent deaths. Holding back our public display of sympathy or attention will save their lives!

This is a sad dose of reality, but we must WAKE UP to this extremely sick reality!!!

It all comes down to this

This international legal expert smacks down CNN, and all media, for ignoring this reality.

It is up to us to place blame on the only side where blame belongs, on the Arabs, and their cause called “palestine”, who are quite clear in their goal of killing Jews and destroying Israel. Any other interpretation of the situation is ignoring reality.

Thankfully we now have a US administration under President Trump who understands this reality and President Obama is gone. This administration places 100% upon Hamas.

UPDATE on The Baby

Hamas reported to the media that a baby died after inhaling tear gas at the protest area on the Gaza border. Headlines around the world are reporting this death. Yet, an unidentified doctor told the Associated Press that the baby, Layla Ghaben, had a preexisting medical condition and that he did not believe her death was caused by tear gas. Regardless, media continues to blame Israel for Layla’s death.


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