The truth about Israel the world doesn’t like to admit

by Phil Schneider

Without Israel, the Middle East would be a place that was stuck in the Middle Ages. Because of Israel, all of the Arab countries have a role model for modernity, capitalism, progress for women, freedom of religion, and true justice. Israel is not merely a strategic ally for the United States in the Middle East. It is the vehicle through which the United States is able to communicate so many of it’s values to pockets of the world that are so steeped in the Middle Ages.

The State of Israel was formed by a mix of Jewish immigrants that literally came to the Land of Israel from the four corners of the earth. They did not just come from Poland or Russia like some anti-semites tend to argue. They came from Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, the United States, England, France, Germany, and yes, Poland and Russia. The Jewish people were clearly a refugee nation that came back to it’s Land at a time when the Land was still largely uninhabited. There were only 600,000 Jews in the entire Land of Israel when the State of Israel was formed. Today, there are around 7 million Jews in the State of Israel.

All of the accomplishments were due to the hand of God, but also to an enormous amount of effort of a refugee nation to build and prosper and not continue the life of refugees. The biggest miracle of all may be the emergence of the Israel Defense Forces as a major force in the entire Middle East so soon after 6 million defenseless Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Nearly all of those who oppose the State of Israel are people who are jealous of what the Jewish people have accomplished in such a short time. We have so much to be thankful for.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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