The Trump administration speech that blasts the United Nations

by Leah Rosenberg

The Trump administration has stuck to their word to defend Israel. Listen to what Jason Greenblatt said at the United Nations. What a booming speech!

Trump Administration and Israel

The Trump Administration has stood up for Israel at the United Nations and on other platforms. When you hear the way the UN condemns Israel for everything under the sun but refuses to condemn terrorism, it is discouraging. Most countries refuse to stand up for the one democracy in the Middle East.

But then there is the US. Despite being one of the only countries to actually protect Israel’s right to exist, they are willing to stand alone. Because when you are standing up for what is right and just in this world, it’s okay to stand alone.

Greenblatt Put it Simply & Perfectly

Jason Greenblatt, Special Representative for International Negotiations, could not have said it any better. His speech is simple and honest. He really makes you think why and how the UN could ever choose to side with Hamas and terrorism over Israel. Greenblatt blasts the United Nations for passing hundreds of resolutions against the Jewish state but refusing to criticize what the Palestinian Arab leadership does – like paying terrorists to murder Israelis.

It is speeches like these that make you wonder how more people don’t see the truth when the facts are right there! Greenblatt ends his speech talking about how the UN has failed and says, “It is time for a new approach.” Yes, yes it is.

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