Palestinian Authority hopes for Growth of Terrorism thanks to the Biden Administration

by Avi Abelow

President Biden wants to reinstate funding to UNRWA. But what does that really mean? Does that money even help “Palestinian” Arabs?”

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch does a deep dive on what the Palestinian Authority hopes to accomplish with the Biden Administration. Not just erasing all of Trump’s accomplishments to promote a peaceful future based on reality, but much, much worse.

President Biden – Don’t Fund UNRWA

This is a great analysis. It makes it so clear that funding UNRWA does absolutely nothing for the “Palestinian” people. That money just goes towards terrorism and creating the next generation of terrorists and “refugees.” If you were unclear before about what UNRWA does, this video clarifies everything. Maybe President Biden should watch this.

How is it even possible that MORE refugees are being “created?” Why does the UN still consider these “Palestinians” as refugees? It is insane! There should be no more refugees. Yet, they keep growing. The “Palestinian” Authority does not allow the next generation to rid themselves of their refugee status. The leadership keeps them that way on purpose to get more money from the world – which is not even used to help anyone!

UNRWA is not there to help “Palestinians” or to help make peace. The “Palestinian” leadership doesn’t want peace. Just take a look at the TV, the music, and the education in the “Palestinian” culture.

Biden should not agree to funding antisemitism, violence, and terrorism. Will his administration wake up to reality?

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