US Says Iran Is Week’s Away From Nuclear Breakout

by Micha Gefen

When and if the Islamist regime in Tehran gets a nuclear weapon, experts will wonder how they closed the gap so rapidly. True, they have been flouting international agreements for some time, yet all eyes were on their movements and progress.

Perhaps they have had help from North Korea, China, or Pakistan and yet the most likely reason is that Western intelligence was just not as good as we all believed.

The real question now, is not if the Iranians will get a nuke, but when and will Israel go it alone to stop them. The US, in the throws of internal strife, economic stagnation, and COVID-19 does not have the will to take on the Mullahs. However, Israel and its Sunni allies view Iran as an existential threat to them and will launch a preemptive attack.

With elections in Israel fast approaching and the ability for Prime Minister Netanyahu to do anything fast closing, expect a decision soon.

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