The Terrifying Truth About China That the White House Tried to Cover Up

by Phil Schneider

China does not want to fight a frontal war against the United States or the West. But it most certainly does want to be the most dominant country in the world. As opposed to the Soviet Union in the 20th century, China has enormous financial clout, and time is on it’s side. China has one short-term goal – to take over the Southeast China Sea, and especially Taiwan. The problem China has is the fear that the United States will join in with Japan, Australia, and other countries – like India – that are scared of Chinese influence spreading beyond China’s borders.

China is making a wise move by expanding their surveillance in the Western hemisphere. It is exactly these kinds of actions that will not set off a red alert and cause America to declare war against China. Yet, the surveillance that China does can supply them with intelligence that may allow China to blackmail the United States away from supporting Taiwan in the case of an invasion from China.

The China challenge is not something to be taken lightly. But it is not an immediate danger. It is a creeping danger that bright and calm minds in the West may be able to overcome. By employing chess tactics to reign in Chinese expansionism with proper foreign policy moves with Russia, India, Japan and Australia, the West can stabilize the Chinese threat.

China is indeed making move after move via their Road and Belt initiative to expand their influence across the world. But Japan, Australia, India, and yes – Russia too, all distrust China and are not interested in living under the Chinese umbrella. Russia is only allied with China today due to their urgent need for Chinese money to prop up their economy while they invade Ukraine. Russia would rather not rely on China. But it has to today. Once the dust has settled in the Ukraine, Russia will be willing to change policy.

Their is actually an opportunity for a new world order that is forming around the common fear of expanding Chinese influence. More important than NATO is the growing SEATO, Southeastern Asia focus. Chinese balloons over Alaska and Northwestern United States are a jab at the sovereignty of the United States. Chinese intelligence gathering from Cuba is even more serious. But no invasions are imminent. These are all wake-up calls that will either be heeded with a major step-up in the vigilance and focus that the West has on Chinese expansionism. Otherwise, we will have a rude awakening along the lines of 9/11.

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