Israeli Arab Gives the World a Big Slap in the Face With This Video

by Leah Rosenberg

Yoseph Haddad defends Israel and defends the truth. He is a proud Israeli Arab who wants to stop the lies about the one Jewish state.

The Israeli Arab Hero, Yoseph Haddad

Yoseph Haddad has stood up for Israel time and time again. He will stand up for the truth, even if he is standing alone against a crown of haters. As an Israeli Arab, he knows the truth about Israel, and he knows what it’s like to live in Israel as an Arab.

But what is so great is that he doesn’t only know the facts, he wants the whole world to know the facts.

This video here refutes a major lie that Israel-haters love to share. They claim there is a “genocide” happening against Arabs in Israel. But that could not be farther from the truth. All you need to do is look at the facts, as Haddad points out.

There has been so much antisemitism in the form of hatred of Israel – which is the one and only Jewish state. The student speakers at college graduations have recently used their platforms to spread utter lies about Israel, including the claim that Israel kills innocent Arabs everyday and that Israel is an apartheid state. Those are pure lies and those lies are pure antisemitism.

People need to spread the truth about the Jewish state so that these antisemitic lies can be shut down. If an Israeli Arab like Yoseph Haddad is willing to stand up for Israel, then we must all do our part as well.

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