The surprising secret to Israeli success was just revealed

by Avi Abelow

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just revealed the secret to Israeli success. While at first it might surprise you, after a minute you will totally understand.


Diversity today is a buzzword. Western culture is always trying to prove how diverse it is. The Jewish people are a true example of diversity. We are a diverse people. The Jewish people are a nation that have been in exile for thousands of years. Due to that exile, we were spread out all over the world. There are Indian Jews, Russian Jews, Moroccan Jews, English Jews, French Jews, American Jews etc. We have various forms of prayer, diverse culinary habits, varying customs, and we are all Jews! We are diversity!


What makes Israel so special and unique is the blend and integration of Jews from all over the world into one society. Diversity is our strength. Diversity is what fuels Israeli success.

While other countries are melting pots of immigrants from other countries, what brings them together is the new culture absorbing them. Not so for Israel. What brings diverse Jews together in Israel is our joint history, ancient language, Jewish culture and traditions, as well as our eternal connection to our ancestral homeland. It is our past that brings us together, regardless of our diversity, not the new country.

PM Netanyahu’s Message

Prime Minister Netanyahu understands that the phenomenal success of the 70 year old modern state of Israel is the diversity of our people. With all of our hardships, external and internal, we are a world power today because of our people. No other country has to deal with the existential threats that Israel has to deal with. And yet, we still have been able to achieve what we have achieved in this small amount of time.

One Thing Above All

The secret sauce to Israel’s true success, behind the wonders of our diverse people, is the One above.

Just as the establishment and daily existence of Israel is a miracle, so too is the miraculous existence of the Jewish people. Through thousands of years of exile and persecution, all over the world, culminating in the horrible Nazi holocaust, we survived it all. That is nothing short of miraculous.

As we say in Hebrew, that would have been enough. Yet on top of that, we have returned to be sovereign in our ancestral homeland, after thousands of years of exile. A miracle upon a miracle!

We are a 3,000 year old homeland that is 70 years young!

None of this makes sense unless one believes in the existence of the One above. We do and we are thankful 🙂

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