Iran Hit with Massive Earthquake After It Threatened to Attack Israel

by Avi Abelow

A massive earthquake of at least 5.5 magnitude struck southern Iran, just miles away from their nuclear power plant near Bushehr. It caused a massive sandstorm that rocked the region. Some are referring to this as divine retribution for threatening to attack Israel. Boost this post

The earthquake was also felt in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Iran has not yet reported any damage or injuries from the earthquake near the nuclear plant.

Israel’s Attack

On April 9th Israel bombed airforce bases in Syria being built by Iran to attack Israel. The attack killed at least seven members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, an elite Iranian unit, including the head of its drone program, Col. Mehdi Dehghan.

In response to the Israeli attack, Iran began threatening Israel with attacks.

Soon afterward the earthquake hit in the area of the nuclear reactor. It created an unprecedented sandstorm that turned Southern Iran into a sandbox.

Iran Threatens Israel with Attacks

Soon after the Israeli attack on the airforce base in Syria the vice commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards warned Israel that its airbases are “within reach”.

“Israel: Don’t trust in your airbases; they’re within reach,” Hossein Salami wrote on Twitter.

Israel, said Salami, was living “in the dragon’s mouth.” Both northern and western Israel were “in the range of our missiles,” he threatened, in a speech given in Tehran.

“Israel is surrounded and you have nowhere to escape to except to fall into the sea”

“Wherever you are in the occupied land, you’ll be under fire from us, from east and west. You became arrogant. If there’s a war, the result will be your complete elimination,” he said.

“Your soldiers and civilians will flee, and you won’t survive. And you’ll have nowhere to run, except to fall into the sea.”

Earlier Salami warned that Israel should not rely on outside help.

“Don’t have hope in US and UK; when they arrive, you’re not there. You can’t bear. When you escape, you’ll have no way but to the sea.”

PM Netanyahu Responds

In response to the Iranian threats of attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied.

“We hear the threats from Iran. The IDF and the security forces are ready for any development. We will fight whoever tries to harm us. We will not shy away from the price and we will exact a price from those who want to hurt us. The IDF is ready for the job and the people will stand strong.”

Whether divine retribution of not, Israel will never allow the Islamic regime of Iran attain nuclear capabilities to destroy us.

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