The song that will inspire you to have a better tomorrow

by Leah Rosenberg

Everything about this Jewish song will inspire you. The tune, the lyrics, the video. It is all just too perfect, and you definitely won’t regret listening.

The Inspiring Jewish Song

Every Jewish song has a unique aspect to it. Some people connect to some songs and not to others. That is why there are so many styles of music and so many types of musicians in the world. Not every song lyric reaches the soul of every person because everyone is different. But this song definitely has within it the power to inspire those who want to listen.

Is is an original song by Yonina, a popular Jewish music couple who have really inspired thousands of people with their music. They are so genuine and real.

“Teach Me”

Aside from the tune being beautiful, the lyrics are stunning. The song is called “Lamdeni,” which in English means “teach me.” The setting of being outside and with their children is so calm and peaceful. And of course, whenever people sing out to God with such serenity, it is hard not to listen.

The Lyrics

Here is the translation to the lyrics to Yonina’s beautiful song.

Teach me, my g-d
to bless and pray
the secret of the withering leaf
the glow of a ripe fruit
this freedom- to see, to sense, to breathe
to know, to yearn, to fail.

Teach my lips a blessing and song of praise
as time renews itself each morning and evening
so my day won’t be like the previous one
so my day won’t be a routine.

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