Arab woman says something that stuns the Israeli police

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israeli police are moral. They want to help anyone, regardless of their religion. This is what happened after the Arab village of Kfar Kana flooded.

The Israeli Police

The job of the Israeli police is to help people. Anyone. Even those who are not Jewish. And that is why after Kfar Kana flooded, they came to the rescue. The world needs to know about this because it is the truth. It shows the way Israel actually treats Arabs. You would never know because the media will not tell you. But even when the media portrays Israel negatively, there will be those few Arabs who want to share the truth.

Arab Woman Thanks the Police

You can hear the phone call. It is real. An Arab woman from the village that was flooded called the Israeli police to thank them for what they did. She appreciates Israel. She knows the true face of the Jewish people. And not only did she call the police to thank them, but the fact that she said she was going to publicize it on Facebook is unbelievable.

Why Don’t People Share the Good?

It seems that the media and news outlets ignore the truth. But why? It is so obvious. But if they share the positive stories about Israel, it goes against their false narrative that Israel is an oppressor. They cannot manage to wrap their heads around the fact that Israel IS actually good. Israel really treats Arabs equally. The Jewish state is a democracy!

And this video is proof of that!

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