The Song That Every Jewish Bride Will Want at Her Wedding

by Leah Rosenberg

This song is absolutely beautiful. The words are often sung at a Jewish wedding, sometimes as the Jewish bride walks down the aisle.

Beautiful Song for a Jewish Bride

The words in this song are actually found in a prayer that is said on the Sabbath on Friday night. These words are part of the Lecha Dodi prayer. The stanza from that prayer that is in this song is: “Boee b’shalom ateret ba’alah gam b’simcha uv’tzahala toch emunei am segulah boee kallah boee kallah.” The translation is: “Come in peace, O crown of her Husband, both with songs and gladness; among the faithful, the beloved people, come, O Bride, come, O Bride.” The song is written about the Sabbath. The Sabbath is compared to both a queen and a bride. These words are not only sang on Friday night, but they are also words that a Jewish bride sometimes walks down to at her wedding. There are many different tunes to these words.

These words are beautiful for a Jewish bride to walk down to. And this tune by Aryeh Kunstler and Ekev is absolutely stunning. The music video is so simple that it is breathtaking. Watching the video and listening to these words can elevate your soul.

Music is powerful. King David is one of the most well known Jewish musicians. He played the harp, he wrote Psalms – He understood what music has the ability to do. Music can connect a person to G-d if it is pure and holy. What an amazing thing!

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