Incredible Story of Jewish Faith Told Over in This Must-Hear Song

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish faith teaches us to believe that G-d will bring miracles and salvation even when all seems hopeless. You gotta hear this song.

Jewish Faith in the Darkest Times

If you know anything about history, you’ll know that the Jewish people have not had the easiest journey. They have faced slavery, destruction, persecutions, inquisitions, pogroms, the Holocaust, and continued antisemitism. Yet, even in the darkest of times, the Jewish people kept their Jewish faith. They kept believing that G-d would bring salvation. And every time, G-d did. He has always watched over His people. Even when all seemed lost and it seemed like the nation of Israel would be destroyed, G-d saved them. When it seemed like the state of Israel would be destroyed, G-d saved it.

The story told over in this song took place hundreds of years ago. But it is still being told over because it is an important story of keeping our Jewish faith even when the unknown seems terrifying.

The singer, Aryeh Kunstler, said, “This song is my first full-on collaboration with my father and it is so befitting that it is on a song that he wrote 40 years ago and was featured on his first album, “Eyes On Jerusalem.” This true story was found in the Sefer “Menucha Vesimcha” and is a story so befitting this time of year and in general for us as a nation – it is a song of determination, faith, and miracles.”

May we continue to see G-d’s hand in everything and keep our faith even when it seems like there is no hope.

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