Watch: Israel’s Speaker of the House Gives a Perfect Response to This American Jew

by Avi Abelow

This video was taken at an event in Boston back in 2017. An American Jewish woman was basically repeating the lies of the media that Israel responds disproportionately against the terror of our enemies. She did not expect the very poignant, powerful and heartfelt response from Amir Ohana, Israel’s recently appointed Speaker of the House/Knesset.

Unfortunately, many American Jews do not understand the daily security challenges we in Israel live with. Our enemies use terror against us every single day. Very few terror attacks are reported in the media. However, our IDF and security services are working 24/7 to stop our enemy’s terror plans. How do I know this? I personally am a combat soldier in the IDF, still serving in reserve duty. I live this situation with my own eyes, boots and gun every year that I report for reserve duty.

Speaker of the House Amir Ohana told this lady a truth that too many people, including too many American Jews, ignore. Israel always has her hand outstretched for peace, and we are always ready to lower our guns. However, it is our enemies who never put their guns down. And if we would put our guns down before them, we are all dead. That is a reality that too many people not living in Israel can not understand. We are fighting daily to defend our lives. Yet, too many people judge us because of how things are reported in the media.

Finally, he ends with one of the most powerful statements that all American Jews who wrongly blame Israel for our enemy’s terror war against us should truly internalize: “If I would have to choose between losing more Israeli lives or losing you, I would sadly rather lose you”.

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