The So-Called “Palestinian” Arabs Can’t Believe An Arab Said This Out Loud

by Leah Rosenberg

If you have never heard Yoseph Haddad defend Israel before, you’re in for a big surprise. This Israeli Arab loves Israel!

Israeli Arab Defends Israel Once Again

Yoseph Haddad has once again proudly defended Israel. His advocacy for Israel is extremely praiseworthy. As an Israeli Arab, he loves his country, Israel. He loves the place he calls home. Why wouldn’t he? Haddad would not be this free living in any other country in the Middle East!

This pro-Israel Arab stands up for the truth. He stands up for the facts. And although so many Arabs are scared to stand up for Israel – even if they know it’s the right thing to do – Yoseph Haddad is willing to take the risk. He is willing to stand up for the one and only Jewish state.

How many of us are willing to fight for the truth when there are so many like us fighting against the truth? How many of us are willing to stand up and say to others that they are mislead and don’t know the facts? How many of us are willing to do our best to educate the world and defend our values?

The Jewish state and the people of Israel thank Yoseph Haddad for his work in standing up for Israel and the Jewish nation. It’s not a given in his world, and it is commendable. If he can go out and defend the Jewish people and Israel as an Arab, Jews worldwide should most definitely be able to stand up and defend their own people and homeland!

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