This Interview Left Millions of Arabs in Shock

by Phil Schneider

How important is it to preach pro-Israel messages to the Arab world in Arabic? Very important. Joseph Haddad is at the forefront of this movement. He speaks multiple languages, but his Arabic probably reaches more viewers than his English or Hebrew messages.

The numbers of Arabs in the Middle East are astounding. There are literally hundreds of millions of Arabs in the Middle East, between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, etc…

The Arabs are far from a monolithic grouping. Though they practice multiple religions, Sunni and Shiite Muslim are the two most dominant religions practiced. Some countries have more moderate populations and some have more radicalized members. But there are certain common denominators that apply to nearly every Arab country. Freedom of religion and freedom to vote are rarely the norm in any of these countries.

The role of women in nearly all of these countries is nowhere near the role of women in the Western world. Ancient practices continue to this day that limit the freedom of women in these societies. Alternative lifestyles are not merely frowned upon. They are decisions that one must take knowing that it could cost them their life.

One other unifier has historically been the opposition to everything about the State of Israel – until recently. Even when Egypt signed an historical peace treaty with Israel in 1979 during the Carter administration, it was far from being a warm peace – it has been cold ever since. But no wars have been fought on Israel’s southern border since then, so that must be judged as a success. Later on, when Israel signed a peace agreement with Jordan’s King Hussein during Clinton’s Presidency, that was a more luke warm peace that has also withstood the test of time. A 2nd success, but not an historical breakthrough like the Egypt peace agreement.

But the recent “economic agreements” wth UAE and Bahrain, signed during the Trump Presidency was historical in terms of the warmth of the agreement. UAE and Bahrain do not pose threats to Israel like Egypt did. But the agreements with those two small yet wealthy countries opened up the door to the big prize, namely, peace with Saudi Arabia.

What everybody now understands, due to the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, is that Iran does not merely threaten ISrael. They threaten the entire Middle East and the entire Western world. Iran may not be the powerhouse that China or Russia is. But they are more willing to do the unthinkable than Russia or China, and Israel has led the world in staying laser focused on this threat. The deterrence of Israel, who is always on the frontline of battling against terror, has ensured that the West is properly on guard from Iran’s intentions to destroy the Western world.

In order to weaken support for radical policies in Arab countries, more and more people like Joseph Haddad must raise their voices to spread messages of truth about Israel and it’s Arab neighbors. The future is as bright as the people who stand up and spread the truth with pride.

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