Trump Killed it With This Powerful Campaign Ad

by Phil Schneider

Two political ousiders have dominated the Executive Branch over the last 11 years – Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Odds are looking high that one of those two outsiders will continue to dominate the White House over the next 5 years. Odds are high that either Donald Trump will pull off a major comeback or a Democrat will be elected into the White House who answers and largely follows Barack Obama’s marching orders.

Barack Obama literally came out of nowhere when he gave his speech at the Democrat National Convention four years before his election. He was a political outsider, a novice in Congress with nearly no foreign policy experience. Donald Trump’s foreign policy experience largely consisted of building his hotel chain across the world. He had never been elected to any office, yet catapulted straight from TV and business stardom straight into the White House.

It is perhaps a testament to the mindset of the people of the United States that both of these unique individuals could capture the imagination of so many Americans so quickly in order to get elected. Will the future portend more outsiders getting elected, or will a return to the past be the trend?

Most indicators seem to point in the direction that favors the outsiders. Obama is still very popular among many Democrats and so is Trump among many Republicans. The middle–of-the-roaders who would prefer a moderate choice may actually be growing in numbers but not in popularity on the electoral level. Moderate Democrats are becoming out of style in the increasingly radical progressive Democrat Party. Meanwhile, moderate Republican candidates never seem to emerge from single digits in the polls.

America’s reasonable middle is struggling to excite. Bill Clinton’s moderate Democrat leadership and George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism don’t get anyone excited anymore.

The younger generation is more militant and combative against any form of talk of responsibility. They are filled with self-absorbed attitudes on life and chutzpah towards the older generation that struggles to understand the value of 5-10 second tik-tok videos. The younger generation is angling way off the progressive cliff they are building. Meanwhile, older people and middle America are genuinely concerned that America is falling apart due to rampant crime, open borders, and progressive policies in major cities.

Most of America’s cities are not yet full-fledged powder kegs. But there is most certainly a massive powder keg building. If Donald Trump or Kamala Harris get elected, the powder keg will begin to fill up with explosive attitudes that will explode when the right events stir up a major frenzy. Note what happened in New ORleans when Hurrican Katrina wreaked havoc on the soup bowl city. Within less than 24 hours, chaos took over and decency was completely thrown out the window.

With police forces losing manpower and legal power to enforce the law, it will not be long before lawlessness goes way beyond “minor” theft that has become the new norm in much of today’s America. Chaotic situations brought about by non-stopped mobs will become the norm wherever people are suffering the most. It will not just be minorities protesting their perverted ideas of justice. It will be radical right-wingers sick and tired of the left-wing mobs not being stopped by law enforcement. Vigilanteism grows when lawlessness becomes the norm.

Donald Trump’s potential reelection may bring around 50% of America to elation. But the other 49% will be an angry minority that will fight him tooth and nail. The greatest challenge facing the next administration will be the border crisis and the crisis brewing within the United States.

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