The Secret to Connecting to G-d Lies in These Three Things

by Leah Rosenberg

It can be hard to find the path that leads us to connecting to G-d. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, may his memory be a blessing, told us how.

Connecting to G-d

These ideas are simple and yet so life changing. The concepts that Rabbi Sacks shared in this video are not complicated to understand. His words have a way of entering deep in the soul and changing one’s life. The concepts here may sometimes be hard to implement if we are struggling, but they are so simple if we truly want to feel the presence of G-d. Connecting to G-d does not have to be complex. It can be as simple as a beautiful sunset, as Rabbi Sacks pointed out. As he ended the video with, “G-d is always there if we know where to look.” What an uplifting line.

It may not be the sunset that connect someone to His creator. It may be the studying of the Bible that connects a person. Or doing acts of kindness. G-d created everyone with different strengths and weaknesses; with different interests and different skills. We are all unique which is why we all connect to G-d differently. What makes one feel inspired may not be what makes another feel inspired.

Every person needs to self-reflect and determine what it is that makes him feel G-d. Rabbi Sacks put these ideas into words so that we can see that opportunities to connect with the One above are always around us. Open your eyes so you don’t miss out.

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