Is a Revolution Coming to Iran?

by Micha Gefen

As was reported, the protests that started in Iran’s Kurdish regions over the death of a woman at the hands of Iran’s religious police are now spreading to other regions. Can these protests turn into a full fledge revolution?

Unless the protestors receive outside help, the chance of these protests overthrowing the regime is close to nothing. However, it may be enough that the protests began in Iran’s Kurdish regions. These regions have always posed a threat to the regime due to their independent nature.

The Kurdish regions are porous and often times get help from Kurds living on the Iraqi side of the border. If help were to be given to the protestors, it would have to come from there. The US and Israel maintain positive relationships with Iraqi Kurdish groups. Many believe the Israeli Mossad is already working with with Iranian Kurdish groups.

So if Israel and the US can supply weapons and materials to Iranian Kurds, then yes there is a possibility that the Iranian regime is in trouble.

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