The Second Temple construction just came to life, and it’s magnificent

by Leah Rosenberg

What an unbelievable reenactment video to watch. Getting a glimpse at the construction of G-d’s house of worship is inspiring. The Second Temple was glorious! You will feel like you are literally building the Temple – 2,000 years ago – in the time of Herod!

The Second Temple

Jerusalem – what a majestic city! Of course, Jerusalem today is a city of splendor. But can you imagine what ancient Jerusalem was like with the Temple standing?

The Second Temple was known to be beautiful. Although this video doesn’t do it justice, it can help us imagine what it looked like. Learning about the House of G-d can help us bring about that desire to rebuild the Third Temple. Have you ever seen another video that so clearly explained and showed the construction of the Temple?

The Temple was for all nations to come to and pray to G-d. It was not just for the Jewish people. It was a unifying place that connected people throughout the world with G-d.

The Third Temple

And that is exactly what we are missing today. We need to bring about the times where the Third and final Temple can be rebuilt. We need that connection to G-d. And we need that peace that the world is missing.

Coronavirus, riots, terrorism – the list can go on and on. The world can be a frightening place. And with the coming of the Messiah and the rebuilding of the Temple, all of the bad in the world will make sense. All of it will become good. Nothing will feel scary with G-d’s presence felt by all.

We have to pray that this day will come soon.

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