Ben Shapiro Exposes Why Dr. Fauci Really Retired Early

by Phil Schneider

Ben Shapiro does not hold back any punches while escorting Dr. Fauci out the door. Dr. Fauci was indeed the primary face of leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Fauci claims that he recommended to shut down the country in order to stop the explosive spread of the coronavirus. America was shut down and the explosive spread did not stop. Nearly everybody did get the coronavirus at some point despite all of the lockdown measures. So, should schools have been shut down for so long?

Well, what should have been done, based on hindsight? This will be debated for decades. Dr. Fauci claims that the lockdowns that he clearly touted were always right. Many differ. Additionally, when looking at Dr. Fauci’s record on masks, Shapiro points out that Fauci’s record is filled with flip-flopping. This has not changed, years after the masks have been very much shown to be very questionable at stopping the spread.

Shapiro also criticizes President Trump for placing Dr. Fauci front and center as the face of the battle with coronavirus. But the main criticism that Shapiro rightfully addresses is the fact that Dr. Fauci was in charge of a large budget that actually funded the research that was done in the Wuhan lab. That preceded Donald Trump. Could it be that one day Dr. Fauci will be blamed for the origin of the coronavirus? The next few years will be years when many exposes will come to light about how the coronavirus pandemic started and what should be learned for the future.

Those who criticized Dr. Fauci publicly, such as Rand Paul and others, may turn out to have been correct. On the other hand, one must also note that hindsight is always perfect. Dr. Fauci has been accused of being arrogant by many. It is my opinion that the main problem was not Dr. Fauci himself, but the ease through which so much power was handed over to a small group of people of unelected officials to manage an international health crisis.

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